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Just Another Day In

Just Another Day In Our streaming sessions I'm new to streaming so until I get used to it, my streaming sessions will be just another day in whatever game I'm streaming for the night. These streams will consist of any

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No Man’s Sky Review

  The Game A MMORPG exploration game that is space based the main objective of the game is to explore and discover. Building your knowledge of the species that live in the galaxy. From sentient beings to flora and fauna

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Winning Colors

When I was in JROTC we studied the colors of leadership, or winning colors. These colors identified strong points in our personalities. Using our personality traits to aid in our leadership development. It is good to identify your winning colors

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Leadership Styles

What kind of leader are you These are the leadership styles, read this article, and find which style you use, I hope this article helps you understand these leadership styles better. Use this information to improve your leadership skill. Identify

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Learning to Follow

Learning to lead Part of being a good leader is being able to be a good follower. Being a team player, and working well with others and their goals, so that the goal that you are after others will be

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What is leadership, the definition of a leader is someone who motivates a group toward a common goal. Are you a leader Do you motivate people to do something, if so what as a leader do people look to you

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APB Online Community

APB Online Community Let's Play Regardless, if we are enforcers or criminals stay a community. Play both factions side, let’s show others what our community is about. So let’s play together, and have fun doing so, kicking butt and taking

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Eve Online Community

Eve Online Community Like Sci-fi games? Well join us in playing one of the best sci-fi games of all time. This game is fun, with plenty to do and our community is looking on having players in this game. The

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Life Is Feudal Review

Life Is Feudal Review The Game A medieval MMORPG where you go from rags to building your own community. Combating hunger, and other players for land and resources, forming your own communities and allys, finding resources, and hunting to build

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